Charging Power Supply
Module Programming

We can program virtually any module in any vehicle.

Module Programming

Establishing Communication

In order for programming to be successful communication must be established with the vehicle. Even unprogrammed modules will communicate typically storing a code indicating that the module is not yet configured, coded or programmed. If your scan tool can't communicate with the module in question, neither can ours. You should troubleshoot the problem and establish communication before scheduling us for a visit. Ensure your battery is good, all fuses are good, that there are no broken wires and that the module has power and ground present with the key in the run position.

We connect the vehicle to a charging power supply that prevents battery drainage during the flash or programming process. However, all vehicles must have a good, fully charged battery to prevent failed flashes. Starting out with a weak battery may cause instability in the vehicle's systems and can potentially lead to module failure beyond the module being flashed.

Replacing a module on a Ford vehicle

The vehicle does not need to be indoors unless it is raining or snowing but should be reasonably close to an electrical outlet so we can plug in our power supply. If the weather is inclement, we ask that an indoor space be provided to prevent damage to our equipment. 

If you are replacing theft deterrent related components; Engine control modules, body control modules, lock cylinders or keys, we will need a copy of the vehicle owner's driver's license and the vehicle registration in order to obtain the security code from the manufacturer. We have locksmith licenses that allow us to obtain this information legally.

The shop will be required to have the vehicle owner fill out and sign a form before theft deterrent work can begin. If this form is not filled out we CAN NOT do the work.

2 Ford Keys

If you are replacing a module on a Ford vehicle:  We will likely need 2 keys. These keys should be GENUINE OEM Ford keys to ensure success as some aftermarket keys are cloned. Ford's theft deterrent system needs to see two unique key signals in order to be overridden. By using cloned keys, the system may see the individual keys as being the same key even though two physical keys exist. At this time we do not sell, supply or cut keys, fobs or remotes. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain these.