Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Calibrations and Diagnostics

Driver Assistance System (Adas) Calibrations And Diagnostics
Driver Assistance Systems Or Adas
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS


We are able to calibrate or aim most driver assistance systems and we're expanding these capabilities rapidly.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS, as these systems are commonly referred to, generally consist of cameras, sonar and radar units that allow the car to see the road and other vehicles. The current intent is to aid drivers to avoid collisions by automatically applying brakes, triggering warning tones or lights, warning about other vehicles that are driving in a blind spot or to help keep driver's from drifting out of their lanes while driving. These systems must be calibrated to the specific vehicle using an OEM scan tool and various targets placed precisely around the vehicle.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Or Adas

This aiming needs to be done any time a vehicle has had one of these components replaced, if the vehicle was involved in a collision or, if a camera equipped windshield was replaced.

To ensure successful calibration, we need a large, level, well lit area free of obstructions. The setup and calibrations generally take about an hour or less to complete. Many radar units require a manual leveling procedure where a tool is attached to the unit, therefore we prefer to have the bumper covers off of vehicles that are having radar units calibrated if the vehicle doesn't have an inspection cover or exposed radar unit so that we can have access to the adjustment screws.