Pre and Post Scanning


Pre-scanning retrieves fault codes from all vehicle systems before any repairs begin. This helps create accurate repair plans by directing the estimator and technician to look for any hidden damage to those systems. A report is generated from our scan tool-the factory tool in most cases-which we use to help create a list of items that will need to be addressed during the repair process. We translate those reports into simple terms that indicate what parts may be needed and which ones will require programming or calibrations after installation.


Our pre-scan reports will help reduce the number of supplements your shop submits to the insurance companies by pointing these out before repairs begin. When using us for your scan services you'll get a copy of the original report generated by the scan tool as well as an invoice that has all of the elements of the scan report translated into a list of parts and required calibrations that's easy to understand. Pre-scanning in some cases can help prevent fraudulent claims.



Post-scanning after repairs are completed allows for all stored codes to be cleared from all systems. This prevents stored codes from affecting or even disabling functionality in various systems. Clearing codes out also makes it easier for anyone performing repairs to the vehicle in the future by preventing them from chasing codes that aren't really problems.

Post-scanning is also a last defense from delivering a car with a problem. It provides notification of any needed calibrations or programming.



  • Keith V. Customer

    Huge thanks to Michael Eyler and ECFT!! Always available and willing to give us a hand with automotive programming!! Hands down the best around.

  • Dale S. Customer

    You're the best I know at what you do Mike. Number #1 in my book and the go-to guy when it comes to your professionalism.